Dr. Catherine Kraper, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Cate Kraper is a clinical psychologist specialized in completing comprehensive evaluations of school-age children. She also has extensive experience in diagnostic and developmental assessments of very young children.

Dr. Kraper’s expertise draws from diverse clinical settings, including community outpatient clinics, hospital clinics, schools, research-based clinics, and private practice in a foreign country. Prior to joining CAAT, Dr. Kraper worked for a private practice in New Delhi, India, focused on providing comprehensive learning assessments and individual therapy to the local and diplomatic community.  She completed her clinical internship through the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Medicine, focusing on early childhood mental health, including work with families in low-income areas and through integrated Judy Centers in Baltimore Public Schools. Dr. Kraper also completed a 2-year postdoctoral clinical fellowship with the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders through Children’s National Hospital in Rockville, MD, during which she specialized in developmental assessment for children across all age ranges and ranges of functioning, as well as autism diagnostic assessment and comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations. In addition to assessment, Dr. Kraper leads group therapy, including middle school extension of the Unstuck and On Target! curriculum to support executive function weaknesses.

Dr. Kraper has clinical research training and experience. She supported CASD research efforts through collaboration with National Institutes of Mental Health, including a publication addressing adaptive behavior in autism spectrum disorders. She has written about family processes in anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, and her consultation with families across a range of presenting difficulties focuses on family systems when addressing children’s developmental, social-emotional, and learning needs.

Dr. Kraper holds a BA in psychology from Princeton University, and earned her PhD in clinical psychology through University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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