Parent & Sibling Support

Siblings of Children with Special Needs or Autism Spectrum Disorders

The sibling relationship is the longest lasting relationship.  Having a sibling with special needs or on the autism spectrum comes with unique opportunities, but also inherent challenges that can create complex, confusing, and contradictory feelings such as: love, joy, pride, anger, frustration, fear, sadness, resentment, jealousy, confusion, embarrassment, and isolation to name but a few.  Siblings sometimes feel left out and overlooked, or under enormous pressure to be the mature, responsible child.  At CAAT we feel it is important to treat and support the entire family.  We believe family members are interconnecting parts that influence one another.  In addition to providing support and treatment tailored to individual goals, we teach coping strategies and communication skills to improve relationships with parents and siblings.

Sibling Support Group: CAAT offers ongoing support groups to siblings of those on the Autism Spectrum where members can gain knowledge, share coping strategies and receive support.

Parent Support Group for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

CAAT offers ongoing support groups to parents where they can gain support, develop networks, and share coping strategies and community resources. We understand that social challenges or an autism spectrum diagnosis can be very difficult to manage without ongoing support. To establish the most comprehensive support system possible, CAAT offers parent groups as well as other resources to consider. For a list of our recommended resources, click HERE.



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