Serve-Photography-Autistic-Child-Therapist-1024x682CAAT provides comprehensive evaluations for clients and offers a unique level of personalization for families seeking neuropsychological assessments. Our neuropsychologists, developmental and clinical psychologists specialize in evaluating children, adolescents and adults for social and emotional, behavioral, developmental, neurological, learning and attention difficulties. Assessments occur over a series of appointments that include clinical interviews, in-office testing and feedback sessions, followed by a thoroughly detailed written report that clarifies unique areas of strength and weakness. We provide in-depth analysis to identify and explain, diagnostically and functionally, individual strengths and challenges and to develop a comprehensive and realistic plan for addressing any problem(s). CAAT offers a continuity of care across the lifespan, partnering with parents and professionals to help clients and their families throughout their journey.

Types of Assessment 

Your Concerns

See our page on Common Concerns to learn more about the conditions listed below, and how CAAT can identify and address them.

  • Social Challenges/Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning Challenges and Disorders
  • Attention/Executive Function
  • Anxiety/Emotional Regulation
  • Medical/Neurological


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