Dr. Christine Caselles

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Caselles is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in evaluation and treatment of neurodevelopmental and behavior disorders in children and individuals across the life span. Dr. Caselles has more than 20 years of experience working with children with a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders, including early intensive behavioral intervention with children with ASD starting as early as prior to the second birthday, throughout the course of development into adolescence and transition into adulthood. In addition to her work in the area of neurodevelopmental disorders, Dr. Caselles has extensive experience working with children who present with anxiety, behavior problems at home and school, and interpersonal and social challenges. She develops individualized, evidence-based treatments using a range of approaches including naturalistic behavioral interventions, direct instruction, cognitive behavioral treatment, self-monitoring, ACT, mindfulness-based techniques, and behavior management strategies. Dr. Caselles works collaboratively with families, schools, and other service providers to optimize outcomes for the individuals she treats.

Dr. Caselles has a BA degree in psychology from Vassar College, a MA degree in clinical psychology from Loyola College in Baltimore and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Northern Illinois University. She completed her internship at the VA Hospital in Washington, DC. Dr. Caselles completed a post-doctoral training program at the Behavioral Autism Clinic at UCLA.

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