Teenager/ CounsellorCAAT provides comprehensive, individualized treatment for a wide range of social, behavioral, and emotional challenges, and difficulties in day-to-day function. We are highly experienced in treating individuals who struggle with:

  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem and depression
  • Behavioral challenges (such as problems with self-regulation and impulsivity)
  • Failure to launch and lack of motivation
  • Social challenges/disorders
  • Executive functioning difficulties (including trouble with organization, planning and problem-solving)

We partner with parents and families over a lifetime, and we work diligently to best address individual needs. Read below for more information about individual treatment with clients of different ages.


When working with children, our clinicians believe in partnering with parents to create individualized treatment that is tailored to the nature of the problem, the child’s age, and the child’s developmental level. With younger children, therapy is often focused on behavior change and assisting children with developing new and adaptive ways of coping. The goal is to help children produce new, socially constructive ways of expressing their needs, and teach them effective communication, social skills, and adaptive behaviors to cope with stress, anxiety and frustrations. Therapy for young children is often done in the context of play – a form of communication for children in which they can communicate about their world and express the difficulties they may be experiencing. Through play therapy, we build skills such as self-regulation, impulse control, social intelligence and judgment. Play therapy provides a forum for the child to work out problems and build skills. It also provides a form of healing, as they feel understood and gain coping skills to move forward. Especially for young children, parents play a critical role in the therapeutic process. As such, our therapists often work directly with parents, providing support and understanding as well as education to help parents optimally support their child’s development.  

Developmental Clinic

Our developmental clinic’s goal is to understand your family and your child and to help your child reach his or her full potential. To achieve this, we take an empathic, practical, and culturally sensitive approach. We are experts in the development of infants, toddlers, and young children. Our team is made up of professionals who have extensive experience in working with children who have developmental delays, behavioral challenges, autism spectrum and related disorders, and families who just need some extra help with parenting. Upon our first meeting, we will begin to develop a plan to provide the best support possible for you and your child. CAAT will work closely with you every step of the way; our goal is to develop a relationship with your family and your child, which helps us to optimally address your specific needs throughout your child’s development.

Families come to us with all kinds of questions and problems. Our team will strive to answer and address your concerns in the most warm, personalized, and professional manner.

For information about our Developmental Evaluations, click HERE.


Our clinicians believe in a strengths-based approach and providing a safe, non-judgmental, warm and structured environment in which teens can focus on themselves, their problems with peers and family, their fears, and their hopes and dreams.  Therapy offers a place for teens to explore their feelings, feel heard and understood, and gain self-knowledge, understanding, self-awareness, and acceptance.  Together we explore their feelings, strengths and limitations, communication and behavior patterns, and emotional resources.  We help the individual develop more positive and adaptive coping skills to combat depression and anxiety, deal with social situations, handle homework and academic problems and pressures, and work towards independence.  In addition, we teach skills to improve communication between teens and peers and family, particularly between teens and parents.  The goal of our work is to decrease distress and build resilience, help the individual to gain a better understanding of him or herself, work on independence skills, and improve functioning in all facets of life.


The clinicians at CAAT approach therapy through extensive knowledge and use of evidence-based techniques and current research, combined with a dynamic approach to treatment options and years of experience working with diverse populations.  We take an active and solution-focused approach, and we ask questions that develop awareness and explore patterns in current behavior and relationships.  We work with our clients to individualize treatment goals as well as strengthen their sense of, and connection to, the self.  We join in the problem-solving and teach skills to decrease stress, improve communication, work to create healthy and fulfilling relationships, and increase an overall sense of well-being.  Recognizing that a strong therapeutic relationship is the foundation of successful therapy, our goal is to provide our clients with a safe, accepting, non-judgmental space to explore their feelings and problems by providing compassionate, competent, and collaborative solution-focused treatment.  We believe progress is made when one feels understood, supported, capable, and empowered. 



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