Executive Functioning Skills Groups

Unstuck and On Target®, is a research based curriculum designed to improve flexibility in children with autism and ADHD.  This program offers both student and parent groups; where the whole family will learn strategies that they can work on together to improve generalization of skills. While children are in highly engaging group activities, the adults will participate in group sessions that combine lecture, role playing and observation of the group.

Students ages 8-11 who on grade level academically. Highly verbal. Able to access learning through a verbal based instructional format. Those who struggle with: self-advocacy, compromise, how to be a friend, differentiating between “Choice” and “No Choice” situations, emotional self-identification, executive functioning skills, verbal and non-verbal social cues, how to be a successful member of a group, and flexibility.

Fall 2018 Wednesdays 5-6 pm

Center for Assessment And Treatment
8401 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 1000
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

To apply complete our confidential online application here.
Or call our office at (240) 424-0184

Students will learn to:

  • handle unexpected events
  • cope with disappointment and frustration
  • keep an open mind
  • navigate disagreements with friends
  • set and achieve goals
  • distinguish a “big deal” from a “little deal”
  • learn how to compromise
  • create a Plan B when Plan A doesn’t work
Parents will learn to:

·         support their child in using Unstuck strategies

·         tell a “can’t” from a “won’t”

·         strategies for being more effective coaches

On Target for Life is an executive function intervention for middle school age targeting goal setting and flexible problem solving.  An engaging and interactive curriculum, adolescents learn to gain more independence by developing their ability to set goals and fulfill them through systematic problem solving.  On Target for Life builds on the researched based curriculum, Unstuck and On Target, but is adjusted to be developmentally appropriate for adolescents and their families.  To facilitate generalization, parents attend a group each week to learn strategies to support their children.

Student in middle school (grade 6-8) on grade level academically, who are highly verbal and can access a verbally based instructional format. Adolescents who struggle with: flexibility, problem  solving, goal setting, motivation, and follow through. Group sizes are small to allow for individualized attention, and parents in their group will practice applying the strategies they, and their teen, are learning.

When: Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 PM

Where: Center for Assessment And Treatment 8401 Connecticut Ave, Suite 1000, Chevy Chase MD

How to Apply: Call 240 424-0184 to schedule a brief phone call to discuss program fit.  Complete online application here.

Specific topics for students include:
·         Flexibility and Power
·         Compromise
·         Accepting and letting go of disappointment
·         Efficient Planning
·         Realistic vs. unrealistic goals
·         Evaluating a Plan and identifying obstacles
·         Making Plan B’s
Topics for parents include:
·         Telling a can’t from a won’t
·         Communicating effectively with a teen
·         Managing increasing expectations to support learning
·         Strategies to be an effective coach, using On Target for Life scripts

Flexible Futures is an executive function intervention targeted at college-bound 11th and 12th graders.  Using the principles of a script based set of strategies developed for the research based Unstuck on On Target, students learn key skills to become more flexible problem solvers.  The focus is on building the self advocacy, goal setting and planning skills necessary for success in college.  As students prepare for the transition to increased responsibilities of college, they need to develop their ability to identify problems and generate solutions based on their strengths and goals.  Flexible Futures encourages students to examine their motivation for pursuing both short term and long term goals and develop effective plans for sustained effort.

College bound junior and seniors in high school.  Students who struggle with executive function, flexibility, and planning.  This group will not help with the academic skills for homework completion or studying for exams, but will help students develop their skills to set goals and make plans that anticipate obstacles and make adjustments.  The focus on self advocacy will allow students to explore their strengths and identify areas where they should seek support.

FALL 2018

Center for Assessment And Treatment 8401 Connecticut Ave, Suite 1000, Chevy Chase MD

How to Apply: Call 240 424-0184 to schedule a brief phone call to discuss program fit.

Specific topics for students include:

  • Understanding their strengths and challenges
  • How to be an effective self advocate
  • Motivation
  • Transferring accommodations from IEP or high school to a college environment
  • Managing time
  • Setting long term and short term goals
  • Evaluating obstacles and making plan b’s
Topics for parents include:

  • Building independent skills in their young adult
  • Setting reasonable post-secondary goals
  • Handing off responsibilities to their children in a systematic and supportive manner



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